Registering as a volunteer

Volunteering can be very rewarding and has never been more important than now.

Complete this simple form, and we will look to match you with the services you would like to provide.

Only volunteer if you are well, and please put yourself into isolation if you run a temperature or start with a cough.

Always socially distance when dealing with people, we hope that they are virus free, because of isolating, and it would be our intention to keep them that way (and you of course)

Before volunteering, please familiarise yourself with both our lone working policy and safe volunteering guide, links to both are below.

Lone working policy safe volunteering guidance.


For the sake of yourself as well as others:

Wash hands regularly, wear disposable gloves (we have a supply of gloves and SOME sanitising gel, but when it goes it goes!)

Wear disposable gloves when handling money, the virus can stay alive on hard surfaces of many hours more

Never ever ask for someones pin number, and DO NOT let them give it to you. If you are dealing with an individual who has no access to family members who can arrange to draw money from a cash machine, or no online presence, RING US and inform us straight away, we will liaise with the relevant safeguarding Team for the Upper Calder Valley!

This is for your safety as well as theirs

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The only information which is required is marked, and is what we need to contact you and/or organise our efforts in to local groups. All other fields are optional.