Registering as self isolating or social distancing

Well done and thank you, we recognise and appreciate that deciding to self-isolate or social distance may not be easy, but putting your health and those around you first will help slow down the spread of this disease.

What you can expect when you register with us:

  1. Your information will be safe, it will not be shared with others and will be destroyed when this group is no longer needed.
  2. You will easily find information on products and services that can be either delivered to your door, or delivered by a volunteer (subject to one being available)
  3. There will be an opportunity for you to link in, by phone, letter, or social media with other people who are on the same journey as you, and you can develop a network of ‘isolators’ for you to buddy up with.
  4. We aim to create a community that feels secure and that it watches out for each other, including sharing good practices such as hygiene to consider on door handles, when handling cash to pay for goods delivered and information on scammers that might try to hoodwink you.
  5. Finally, some-one to call if you need*. (9am till 3pm Monday to Friday)

* medical and police must be your first port of call in emergencies.

Your details

The only information which is required is marked, and is what we need to contact you and/or organise our efforts in to local groups. All other fields are optional.